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Artist Bios

Andrew, 6 years old and lives in Portola, California.  Andrew is what I call a "Maker" he makes things all the time in all sorts of forms and media, except not on paper much - he prefers 3D creations.  His favorite things are legos, playmobil, and all things in camouflage.

Jessica is 16 years old and lives in Central California. She's involved in dance, gymnastics, and 4-H and loves history, music and writing.  She photographs as a hobby. 

Beth is almost 14 and she lives in the UK.  You can check out more of her artwork on her blog

Zoe (14) lives in Iowa.  She loves to draw Manga.  These are drawn on paper but sometimes she draws using digital software. Zoe also loves Glee, playing video games, singing and dancing. Her pen name is Hotaru Hara but you can use her actual name.

Brianna says: I am a peace loving unschooler who lives in Tucson, AZ.  I like to play with my pet dragon, she is a bearded dragon and her name is Sweetiepie.  I also like playing video games and Roblox. This is a picture of me and my dog Sadie.

Raven is 10 years old and loves to paint and draw.  Her favorite animals are horses and she loves her 2 doggies Macgyver and Cowboy.  Horseland is her favorite website.

Denna is six years old.

Josh Rieth is currently 11.5 years old.  He likes science, and puzzles - crosswords crypt stuff, and lives the spy's life.

Matt Rieth is 9.5 and an artist. He is an animal whisperer and best friend to dirt.

Aaron Rieth is 7 and likes drawing and music. As a past time, he loves listening to big novels like "Narnia."

My name is Anton
How old are you?
I was born in June 2002 so you can work it out!
What do you like?
I like drawing and animals especially birds, dogs and cats. 
What do you do?
I regularly attend a martial arts class called capoeira and I like going for a dog walks.

  • Maia McGrath is nine years old and she lives in the Seattle, Washington area.  Her favorite things are marine life, cryptozoology, and dance.

  • Ilana McGrath is six years old and lives in the Seattle, Washington area.  She loves art, dance, insects, feathers, and rocks.

  • I am Neo but my full name is Neo-Xel and I am 9 almost 10. I play a lot of video games. I have a little sister.  I was homeschooled my whole life but did go to school one year .  I'm glad I'm living unschooled now.  

  • Hi everybody, my name is Astra and I'm 5 years old. I'm home educated. I love going for walks out in the dark. When we first moved here I was worried we wouldn't go out for night walks anymore. I have 3 guinea pigs named Buckle, Poppety and Spikey. I'm a very good drawer, and that's my favourite thing to do, drawing. Sometimes I feel like creating things like poems, singing, and I like making stuff. My favourite food is strawberries. Thanks for looking at this. Bye for now xxxxx

  • Elijah Parham is an unschooler who lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his parents and two felines. He likes to read and create comics, build elaborate Lego creations, program games and animations using Scratch, design levels for Little Big Planet and he loves to eat chickpeas and nori! He is almost 8 years old. 

  • Hi, I am Amelia Rehrman. I am nine years old, and I am very into photography and blogging.  I have a Fujifilm s5000 digital camera.  It is an old camera, because it was my Mom and Dad's.....but then my camera broke and they gave it to me until I get a new one!  It works really well for taking good pictures.  I hope one day I will be in business selling my photography.  I live in West Grove, PA, and have three siblings.  My favorite color is pink!  Hope you enjoy my photography!

  • Brandy Rose says: I'm 14 years old, from Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania. I compose songs on the piano, and I do a lot of photography. I love riding horses and taking walks really late at night. I babysit a lot and help with a preschool during the school year. I help at our local thrift shop by sorting clothing donations, and I'm interested in fashion design (my plan is to bring home rejected clothes and alter them into wearable fashions).

  • My name is Maxwell Emerson Stefanescu Coryell and my favorite book right now is The Island of the Blue Dolphins. I love seashore collecting, rock collecting, mountain hikes, and swimming. I am very thin, and I am 7. I can always find better rules for any game we play. Also, I like to swing outside and make snowballs in winter. My room is an art gallery.

  • Noor JontryMasterson is a seven-year-old  (eight next week!) unschooler who really, really likes to draw and create animation.  She also likes bugs, animals, dragons and making potions. She lives in Pennsylvania with her parents, grandparents, two cats: Victor and Oliver; two hermit crabs: Hermie and Crabs; a tank of freshwater fish, a Praying Mantis and various other insect friends.

  • Maya is a 10 year old girl ,
    happily unschooled ,

    who loves dragons, cats, wolves foxes and any kind of mythical creatures.

    Above all she likes pretending to be an animal .

    Art, Natural Science and History are her favorite topics and she creates  almost every day with clay, animation, painting drawing or online art programs.
    She lives in the UK, South of London  and shares her home with her 5 cats, 4 pet mice, 5 fish, a watersnail and her parents.